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Company Profile

IndieCAM has been the master reseller of both FeatureCAM and Ez-Cam CAD CAM software products in the UK since 1999. Both products are 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis cad cam software, for cnc tool path creation. Ez-Cam started as one of the very first pc based, easy to use CAD/CAM products in the early 1980's. Originally owned by Bridgeport Machines Ltd (Inc) the software has been sold and successfully supported in the UK since this time. FeatureCAM - which also started out it's life promoted and backed by Bridgeport Machines Ltd - in the mid 1990's, has also been very successfully sold. Engineering Geometry Systems (EGS) – The developers of FeatureCAM were purchased by Delcam Plc in 2006. FeatureCAM and Delcam are now part of Autodesk.

Who we are

As former employees of Bridgeport Machines, we have a long history of dealing with these products since their launch in the UK. As time served engineers first and foremost, we understand customer’s requirements. We have also worked with several other machine tool companies (DMG, Sodi-Tech EDM Ltd, Wadkins) we understand all metal cutting disciplines, so if your requirement is Milling, Turning or Wire-EDM we have both the products and the service for you.

Why buy from IndieCAM

We are strong believers that the CAM system you buy is just a tool. After looking at many CAM systems, you probably think they all are starting to look the same. To a point, this is true. The other CAM systems on the market would not be there if they could not get the job done. For this reason, competition is a good thing. It keeps the developers working hard to make their system the best on the market.
Our true strength and belief is the relationship that we build with our customers. We do not want to sell you a system and then go away. You are our biggest asset and will be the one keeping us in business for years to come. We want to become an extension of your business. We want you to call us with any questions you may have. Whether it is about our software or about how fast you should run this tool with this material. We consider ourselves just another department in your company.
We are strong and we are here to stay. We have been in business for a long time and have built relationships with hundreds of companies. If you do not succeed with a purchase from us, then we have not done our job.
Give us a call and let's start building a strong relationship!

Coming Events

XYZ Machine Tools 40th Anniversary Technical Exhibition

Dates: Tuesday 9th July and

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Venue: XYZ HQ, Burlescombe, Nr Tiverton, Devon EX16 7LL

Call by for a tea or a coffee and say hello, we can demonstrate our latest software versions from Ez-Cam, FeatureCAM and Fusion, for Milling, Turning, Turn/Mill and Wire-EDM.