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Ez-Mill Express - Simplified version of the best selling Ez-Mill program. The essential features of the popular Ez-Mill program are included in Ez-Mill Express to offer an integrated design and 2-axis machining system at an affordable price. Geometry construction tools are the easiest to learn and operate, multiple import and export possibilities including DXF and iGES are also available. After machining cycles are setup using straightforward dialogs each machining step can be simulated, checked and corrected with minimal effort. Facing, Contouring, Drilling, Engraving/Grooving, Pocketing with islands and multi-pass contouring allow complex parts to be programmed in record time. Proven post processors for Heidenhain, Fanuc and Siemens controllers included. An NC Text editor allows you to perform editing operations such as renumber, and the built in DNC communications allow the program to be sent to the machine.

Note: Discounts are available for Ez-Cam Express, that is Ez-Mill Express and Ez-Turn Express purchased together.

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