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Video Gallery

Select a thumbnail below to view video showing FeatureCAM's Machine Compatibility. Many of these videos are animations from FeatureCAM’s machine simulation package interleaved with real filmed machine footage. They show Turning Centres, Vertical Machining Centres, Horizontal Machining Centres and 5 Axis Machining Centres. The same content can be found on IndieCAM's You-Tube Channel.


Click play above to view an interleaved video of animation and real machining:

XYZ 1060 HS machine with a +2 table - Siemens 840D control.

This video is of a demonstration as performed at Mach 2010.

Using Solid Modelling, FeatureMILL 3D and 5 axis simultaneous modules.

Flowline machining of a skull, undercutting/porting of the eye regions of the skull.

All then simulated through FeatureCAM's own Machine Simulation module.

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