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FeatureWIRE - Includes the following features for part creation:

Dies - Creates dies for stamping or female metal parts, with no-core cutting supported
Punches - Creates punches for stamping or male metal parts
Sides - Creates parts with open curves
Gear and Cam Wizards
In addition to standard drawing tools, FeatureWIRE includes wizards that allow you to create industry-standard gears and cams by simply specifying the design parameters.

Machining Features
· Control of cut direction, stop length and overlap distance
· Multiple skim cuts with support for reverse cut on every other pass
· Retract operation that creates a tab by retracting the wire when it reaches the stop length
· Cutoff operations to cut off the tab - a stop command is issued after the tab is cut for the retrieval of the part
· Glue stop operation that stops before the slug is cut loose
· Contour operation that follows the shape of the curve - this can be used as a finish pass
· Pocketing and zig-zag operations for no-core cutting
· Cutter compensated toolpath or CAM offset toolpath
· Cutting of outside sharp corners using looped toolpaths
· Create one feature using multiple curves

· Constant taper using conical corners or cylindrical (ISO) corners
· Variable - conveniently specify a separate taper angle for each segment of the feature

· Full XYUV 4-axis contouring
· Automatic synchronization of upper and lower curves
· Graphical picking of upper and lower curve Synchronization points for manual

Post Processing
FeatureWIRE outputs code to all industry-leading machines, including Agie, Charmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Sodick. FeatureWIRE supports unification of wire EDM postprocessor files info the XBUILD post processor files.

FeatureWIRE automatically provides the operations for different cutting strategies, retrieves the cutting conditions database, generates toolpaths, creates NC code and provides simulation.

With FeatureWIRE, slugs can be removed during 3D simulation.

Customizable Databases
FeatureWIRE's cutting conditions database contains wire EDM generator settings, flushing settings and cutter compensation settings. You can easily modify or extend the database to match the requirements of your wire EDM machine.

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