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5 Axis Positioning, often referred to as 3+2, is available to allow programming of all 5 faces of a component. FeatureCAM's output supports Heidenhain SPATIAL PLANE and CYCL DEF 19, Siemens CYCLE 800, Fanuc / Hurco / Mazak G68.2 and Matsuura G54.2. We can output Euler angles and also Roll, Pitch and Yaw.
The optional add-on Machine Simulation, allows full simulation of all machine moving parts for collision checking.

5 Axis Simultaneous, is available to add on to 5 Axis Positioning, this enhances the software even further to allow for full 4 and 5 axis simultaneous machining, cycles include swarfing, profiling, trimming, flowline etc. Full support for machines utilising TCPM (Tool Centre Point Management) or RTCP (Tool Centre Point) i.e. Heidenhain M128.

Machine Simulation supports various 5 Axis configurations:
A/B – Head/Head
A/C – Trunion Table/Table
B/C – Head/Table
B/C – Table/Table etc.

IndieCAM have working post processors and machine models for Bridgeport, Doosan, DMG, Haas, Hardinge, Hurco, Mazak, Matsuura, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Quaser, XYZ and many more.

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